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Crush Interviews

Learn how to navigate an interview. From what to wear down to a successful handshake.

Interactive Content

Watch step by step videos detailing how to network and make a great first impression.

Resume Creation

Whether you have a job or need to know where to start, we teach you how to write a resume all the way to negotiating your first salary.

The First 90 Days

Now that you have the job or internship, here is how you spend the first 90 days ensuring success

Here is how it actually works

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STEP 2. Absorb the info!

Take notes, participate in discussion, and more. Maximize the resources available!

STEP 3. Implement. Succeed.

Use all of the information you have learned in action! Take these tips and use this to get mentors, internships, and jobs with the highest starting salary you can!

What clients have to say

A tool every millennial needs, NOW

Adam Carroll Adam Carroll Founder National Financial Educators

This tool is THE future. If you want to graduate with a job, take these tools seriously.

Mitch Matthews Mitch Matthews Speaker, LifeCoach MMJM Companies Inc.


Q: What is Millennial Training?

You get nearly unlimited access to education while you are in school. However, there are some lessons you must learn before you graduate that are not taught in school! Millennial Training exists to fill those gaps and teach you everything you need to succeed.

The school is designed to by immersive and interactive. Most courses are taught via video, slideshow, or checklist. There are quizzes and downloadable notes you can take with you on the go.

If your school has sponsored Millennial Training, all you have to do is login with your school email! In the event that your school is not sponsored, contact us and we will work with your school to bring it to your campus!

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